Characters seem to be missing in fonts export with exporter 2.58.2-pre

Using the attached font on a simple legacy Unity UI button on worldspace canvas in scene - somehow the ‘o’ letter never exports correctly?

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I’ve seen that recently in another project with a K. Is it a depth precision issue? I can see a barely visible outline of the letter

It could well be, I will try to repro with depth or move the text forward on monday

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Might also solve another issue I am checking which is the button presses on android chrome are barely working, the text might be absorbing all raycasts too

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Doubt this is the same issue but using Arial and I was getting an error trying to display text that had certain symbols… the quote symbol was one… but the code was throwing an exception not showing a space instead of the font

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I just had to change to another font in the end, please do send over a problematic font if you have one as I will test

by user 103054507105067008

In cases when that happens please also check the exported texture if it actually contains that letter (to see whether it’s an issue in the external plugin generating the MSDF textures, or an issue when displaying)

(I think when i saw that the texture-atlas had the missing letter)