Need help running an Angular Project

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Yes, Jerminci, you can integrate Needle Engine with an existing Angular 8 project. While Needle Engine works with any frontend framework or no framework at all, you would typically integrate it using the <needle-engine> webcomponent for seamless integration.

Here are the steps for integration:

  1. Add the Needle Engine package to your project:

    npm install @needle-tools/engine --save
  2. Include the needle-engine custom element in your Angular component template where you want the 3D scene to appear.

  3. You may need to add CUSTOM_ELEMENTS_SCHEMA to your module to avoid Angular errors about the unknown element.

  4. In your Angular component, you can reference and interact with the Needle Engine instance using standard DOM methods or Angular ViewChild references.

For more detailed instructions, tips, and examples, you can refer to the official documentation related to framework integration and the needle-engine web component attributes:

Additionally, it’s recommended to review the general project setup for Needle Engine to ensure compatibility with your existing Angular project:

Remember that when working with a framework like Angular, you should manage the Needle Engine’s lifecycle in harmony with Angular’s component lifecycle, ensuring the creation and destruction of the Needle Engine context appropriately.

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Changed the channel name: Need help running an Angular Project

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Hi there. I’m looking to use Needle tools with an Angular framework. The version of Angular I’m using uses Webpack instead of Vite for bundling. I created a Unity Project and exported the files to be used with my web project.

From there, I installed the files listed in the package.json file and followed the instructions in the section named Bundling and web frontends found here Frameworks, Bundlers, HTML | Needle Engine Documentation

I also imported Needle tools in my component, however I receive quite a few errors. Is there something that I’m missing or does anyone have any tips that I can use to get my project up and running?

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Here is what I found for you :brain: Discord

Hello Jerminci, Needle Engine is designed to be framework-agnostic and should work with Angular, which you’re using in combination with Webpack. The documentation confirms Needle Engine is built as a web component, which means you can install it using npm and include it in your web project using the <needle-engine> tag (see the documentation).

If you are encountering errors after following the instructions for bundling and web frontends, it could be related to several factors:

  1. Configuration: Ensure all configurations are correctly set, such as the baseUrl in needle.config.json.
  2. Dependencies: Make sure all the dependencies listed in package.json are correctly installed.
  3. Template Customization: If you’re using a custom template or bundler settings, make sure they are compatible with the Needle Engine setup.
  4. Tree-Shaking: If bundle size or unused code is a problem, employ tree-shaking techniques to reduce the bundle size.

For specific error handling, it would be beneficial to look at the console or compile errors you’re receiving. If needed, you can share these errors here, so we can assist further with troubleshooting the problem.

For a detailed overview of bundling and web frontends for Needle Engine, you can refer to the relevant section in the documentation I extracted for you (see the documentation).

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