I want to Customize Sample Scene like changing models or just mixing them together

Is there any proper workflow available or just have to trial and test as I cannot find the proper documentation specific to the sample scene or just using the components in general like the basic one Character Controller Physics stuff and all?

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Hi, did you have a look at e.g. this video? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3dB-d1Jo_Mk&ab_channel=Needle

Yes I have seen this and able to customize this far, also tried to run my own scene it works like a charm but the only issue I have is that the controller I have isn’t functional anymore do I have to rewrite that C# code into type script or is there some way around?

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What controller do you have? We don’t automatically convert C# to the web. If you have a script written in C# that you want to run in the browser you have to write the respective Typescript code for it. In that case i’d recommend you take a look at this guide: Scripting Introduction | Needle Engine Documentation

Let me know if that helps you

I think that question is in this thread here: Discord

Please also dont ask the same question in multiple posts… thanks

I checked the document and start writing Typescript code also place it in the correct director but after saving it I couldn’t find the C# component which has to be made after compiling maybe its not compiling at all how to fix this? as I cannot see this stuff mentioned in the doc

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Did you put the code in src/scripts? Make sure you have a component generator component in your scene in that case. Perhaps try to toggle it on off and re-save your typescript file. Sometimes the watcher seems to not pick up changes. Check the console for logs, it does log a message with info when it detects a change

Component Generator was missing just added it and it works Thanks for the help

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just checked this hahaha thanks for being so patient with me actually I’m trying to make a full metaverse experience to check its potential to use for comercial projects

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