How to use our pre build or pre existed code in simple how can I use my controller

As running up the environment is quite strigh forward just has ask needle engine to make scene and it take care of most of the thing. The only or say main concer is how can I use my controller like car controller or any third person controller do I have to rewrite all that code into type script or is there some component need to be added on top of them to make them funtional? Obviously rewriting isn’t a good so is there any workflow for that?

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  • Please read the docs about scripting!
  • Yes, Needle Engine does not auto-convert your existing C# code to TypeScript
  • Yes, for almost anything there’s similar code for TS/three.js that you can leverage, e.g. character controllers, car controllers, pathfinding, …
  • For some of those. Needle Engine already comes with integrated bindings or tools (e.g. our first person controller, third person controller, orbit controller)

Got it now I’m fully ready to make something great.

by user 807640620260130857