My 3D Avatar doesn't work in needle project

Its avatar file format is VRM. (3D humanoid avatar file format for VR | VRM)
VRM format is popular in Japanese virtual productions.
So, I would like to use vrm avatars.

Usually, we use UniVRM to import vrm into Unity.(UniVRM | VRM)
In the case of needle projects, its package doesn’t work.

Is there any idea to resolve? Or anyone who know something about it?

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Hello @Takechy right now we dont have VRM support implemented but its on our roadmap and should be available relatively soon

What Marcel said! That being said, if you’re versed in Javascript you could use one of the GitHub loaders and load your avatars with that, Needle Engine scenes are regular three.js scenes + components

@marcel :cactus:
Thanks for replying🙏🏻
I’ve understood it.
We are happy to hear it! I wish that roadmap go along well!

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I wish that too, thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

You’re right! I’ll try it!
Thanks a lot!

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You can also try to override this method to do custom loading:
getOrCreateNewAvatarInstance in engine/engine-components/AvatarLoader.ts

or better yet AvatarLoader.findAvatar which takes the loaded glb root and returns a AvatarModel including references to the head and hands

That’s nice!
I’ll do my best!:fire:
Thanks again!

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