Multi Scene example - skybox compression settings?

I have separate scenes that had skyboxes which looked fine in their own exports, but using the multi scene sample scene I hook them up as scenes and delete their export components, then the skyboxes in those scenes get heavily compressed. Any way to avoid that? I have use Scene Lighting ticked on the Scene Switcher

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Skyboxres with the skybox component in the Multi Scene switch scene doesn’t seem to affect the exported skybox resolutions for each scene, I tried adding it to each scene as well but no luck

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I will look into it

mmh adding the SkyboxExportSettings to my subscene works (the subscene resolution is now 2k instead of 64px)

But yes one in the parent/root scene is not affecting subscenes

I’m not sure if this should be the case or if this should be changed now (perhaps with an additional toggle) because it would potentially affect prefabs export as well)

For your usecase it should work if you add it to the sub-scenes (the ones referenced in the SceneSwitcher)

I’ll double check that shortly as I was sure I cleared cache when checking

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What settings affect the skybox in the exported scenes? I have tried the Lighting tab SKybox resolution and also the Skybox component on a gameobject in the scene also set to 2048 but the skyboxes are still really low res like 128

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Adding the SkyboxExportSettings component to a GameObject in a subscene should work

If it still doesnt for you can you share an example?

Sure thing, I’ll do a bug report with my project

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The same project should reproduce the tools error at Discord

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I have no idea if the report will correctly lin kthe sub scenes so I am zipping the full project up to privately send you also

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It will do link the subscenes

Unity gives us the information of all assets being used in the scene which includes referenced scenes

So the bugreporter should be sufficient

Bug report uploaded

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@ROBYER1 it seems to be related to the LoadingScene in the SceneSwitcher - will investigate more