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Hi! I’m noticed that the maximum number of fps does not exceed 50 on my laptop (MacBook Pro with M1 Max), and 40 on my phone (iPhone 13 Pro Max), even on an empty scene.
I checked that engine limited to 60 fps, but even that value can’t be reached.

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Can you try setting the targetFramerate to undefined this.context.targetFramerate = undefined ?

Can I set it like this?
Needle.Context.Current.targetFramerate = undefined;

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yes for example, depending on when you call it.
If you have a component already you can use this.context.targetFrameRate in the component start or awake methods.
Or via

NeedleEngine.addContextCreatedCallback((args) => {
  args.context.targetFrameRate = undefined;

Perhaps we should add a static field to set default values without any need to get a context

Yep, that works!

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Alright so framerate calculation doesnt work properly on iOS/mac?
Which engine version are you currently using?


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Ok thanks. Strange that it behaves differently.

Which browser are you using?

Tried Chrome, Brave (based on Chromium), and Safari (safari has the strangest behavior, shows only 40 fps, btw as I know safari limits fps by its self to 60 even if display can show more).

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But yeah, looks like all browsers have problems

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Chrome and safari with targetFrameRate set to undefined

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ah ok that’s good to know. Thanks!


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that’s with targetframerate set to 60?


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Ok thank you

Added it as an issue internally

Hi y’all! Just chiming in to say I’m having the same issue, including on totally blank, from-scratch projects. I’ve just been rudely doing this.context.targetFramerate = 120; to get things moving at 60 fps. I’m on an iPhone 14 Pro, Needle 3.26.2 preview.

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