Issues installing Needle on Unity 2022.3.3f1

Am trying to install needle on a fresh copy of unity, new project, but after importing the auto-installer package i get : (Unity version 2022.3.3f1)

Library\PackageCache\com.needle.engine-exporter@3.7.1-exp\Core\Editor\Internals\BuildTarget\NeedleEngineBuildTarget.cs(17,38): error CS0535: ‘BuildPostProcessor’ does not implement interface member ‘IBuildPostprocessor.PrepareForBuild(BuildPlayerOptions)’

has anyone encountered this before ?

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Hello @thesleeper that shouldnt happen. I’ll try to reproduce

So it doesnt happen in 2022.3.2, installing 3.3 now

thanks. in the meantime i rolled back to 2021.3 and its working there.

by user 211533465097601025

Publishing a fix now

Should be fixed in 3.7.2-exp

Will check

by user 211533465097601025