Unity 2021 Error " 'BuildPostProcessor' does not implement interface member"

Hello everybody!
After years building native apps for Meta Quest 2 in Unity, I’m approaching this amazing tool Needle!

But I had a bad start :confused:
Following the step by step guide, after refreshing the assets, I received this error:
Library\PackageCache\com.needle.engine-exporter@3.7.5-pre.2\Core\Editor\Internals\BuildTarget\NeedleEngineBuildTarget.cs(17,38): error CS0535: ‘BuildPostProcessor’ does not implement interface member ‘IBuildPostprocessor.PrepareForBuild(BuildPlayerOptions)’

I’m using **Unity 2021.3.28f1 **and the latest version of the Needle Engine Unity Package.
I’m looking forward to creating amazing VR web applications with Needle!

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Hi, will check that, I think they changed it internally in some minor version (I remember adding a fix for it for one Unity version)

Changed the channel name: Unity 2021 Error " ‘BuildPostProcessor’ does not implement interface member"

Can you try updating to 3.7.5-pre.3 ?

YAY it worked!

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Another problem:
Save SceneTemplate has failed. Asset path error: ‘CollaborativeSandbox.unity’ is not valid: Incorrect extension. Required extension is: ‘.scenetemplate’.

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When did this happen?

The moment I try to create a scene from the Needle Templates.
It asks a path and name for the new scene (it propose a file with the “.unity” extension), and then, it throws this error.
(I admit, I never used scene templates, so maybe I’m doing something wrong, but it’s a strange error; it’s like it’s asking me to save a file as “.scenetemplate” myself.)

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Yeah it doesn’t make sense that Unity complains about that. Does the .unity scene get saved or not at all? (Since it’s just a warning)

I’ve googled a lot, but nothing that can clarify this behavior…
Ok, I can start step-by-step by creating prefabs and connecting components from scratch, but a fully functional scene might be nice and easier to start with :slightly_smiling_face:

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You can use the menu item in needle engine for the basic setup but yes the template scenes should work (and did previously, its the first time i see this message)

Needle Engine/Setup Scene

Ok, thanks!

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Hi, it seems to be that scene templates are broken in Unity 2021.3.28 - creating a new scene from a template fails as soon as the scene contains any prefab.

^ Reported this to Unity as IN-47133

Seems like it’s broken on all latest Unity Engine releases - as far as I know it’s fixed internally and will be backported

Thanks for the investigation! Very very appreciated!

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