Is something like this possible with needle engine? Looking for tips, or tutorials

I want to make a product configurator that matches this level of quality. Is it possible to deploy this with needle engine?

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Hello :wave: there is a configurator sample that you can adapt and use for your use case.

In regards to the visual fidelity:

Post processing

Arch viz


Let me know if you would have anymore question :cactus:

thank you! this makes everything more easier!!

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When I am trying to load the configurator demo, its always stuck on this loading screen. Do you know what the issue could be?

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Can you screenshot the unity console if there are any errors?

@JOEL | CITY 17 do you still have this issue? Logs from the browser console would be great (plus which browser/version)

@herbst🌵 @kipash :cactus: I appologise for not replying sooner. Thanks a bunch for foloowing up. I am pasting a screenshot of the Unity Window. As you can see there are no errors, and I just re-launched the configurator. It is still not loading

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this is the brower log

Add the ?console query parameter to the url to show the debug console (on mobile it will automatically open for local development when your get errors) gen.js:17 Made with ♥ by 🌵 Needle - — Version 3.10.0-exp autofiller.js:9 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'local') at HTMLDocument.<anonymous> (autofiller.js:9:20) notificationBar.js:75 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'local') at HTMLDocument.<anonymous> (notificationBar.js:75:20) EXRLoader.js:1999 Uncaught (in promise) Error: THREE.EXRLoader: provided file doesn't appear to be in OpenEXR format. at parseHeader (EXRLoader.js:1999:11) at EXRLoader.parse (EXRLoader.js:2228:21) at Object.onLoad (three.module.js:42318:26) at three.module.js:41911:38 engine_license.ts:155 Needle Engine — No license active, commercial use is not allowed. Visit for more information and licensing options. Uncaught (in promise) Object DevTools failed to load source map: Could not load content for chrome-extension://hnmpcagpplmpfojmgmnngilcnanddlhb/ System error: net::ERR_BLOCKED_BY_CLIENT

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I am using Vivaldi, but the issue is there in chrome as well

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What’s autofiller.js? Some extension?

I can’t see it in your screenshot, what OS are you on? Looks like the skybox isn’t exported - we’ve seen that in the past I think.

Can you let me know

  • OS and version
  • which build platform you’re on

I am on Windows 10 - Version 10.0.19045.

I am using Needle Engine - 3.5.0 exp

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What’s autofiller.js?

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I have no idea tbh

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And build platform in Unity?

Like, is it set to “Standalone”, “WebGL”, “Android”, …

We recommend “Standalone”, I remember that there was a weird issue on some machines and some build platform where the EXR texture format for skyboxs didn’t exist in Unity (despite Unity happily loading them)