Is it possible to work together with web dev on needle project?

can a web dev work on my needle project and make changes on his side like doing some code, and then the work done on his side gets visible on the needle browser?

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You can regularily work together via git or other means of source control. Also, when you or your webdev have a local server running it can be accessed from any device in the local network, for very fast iteration and testing (e.g. from phones, VR headsets, and so on).

There’s no such thing as a “Needle Browser”, Needle Engine projects run in regular web browsers.

so basically i have created all the 3d design for the website and the webdev i have works with three js and his role is to get those design that i made and then add some code on threejs to trigger things. So what file should i give him? and whatever work he does on three js will it be updated on unity? or if he does something on threejs and i later want to add something in the design then what would be the process to update it ?

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  • work with source control (e.g. git)
  • follow the docs for generating a new project - e.g. use the Vite template or what your webdev wants to use.
  • your webdev works in the generated web project, you work in the Unity project on 3D parts.
  • both of you can test by pressing play (starts local server, will automatically reload on changes to the scene or to the Javascript parts)

I really recommend you follow the docs or let us know which parts are unclear. All of this should be covered there but if you feel it’s missing let us know where exactly things are unclear. Thanks!

okay, will let you know if have any further questions regarding this, thanks

however i hope there will be more videos related to needle engine and its different processes, maybe its easy for someone with web knowledge to understand this with no issue but some with just unity knowledge might find hard.

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As mentioned before I fully agree but we do have documentation and tons of code and project samples, just not enough video tutorials yet :slightly_smiling_face: