How create website like

Hi, I’m web developer with some experience with 3d model and i really excited about Needle, it’s soo cool. but i don’t know how can i create full website with needle. is open source ? is there any tutorial about how we can create website with it ? i know unity and front-end developing but i don’t know how create website like

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Hi @aDev

It is basically pretty simple :slightly_smiling_face: You can use the new builtin SceneSwitcher component to export individual unity scenes as glb files that are loaded in and out by some input or another trigger (e.g. website scrolling). While the website itself is not open source all the tools are available (e.g. the websites uses a mixture of splines and css timeline tracks to move the camera and control some html elements, those are available via our modules repository)

I can try to gather some more information about it tomorrow.

Here are some links until then:

Modules with splines and css track: GitHub - needle-tools/needle-engine-modules

Sample scene to be released / polished for how to switch scenes with timeline, scrolling and no-code (see the last commit to find the correct Unity scene)

@marcel :cactus: Thank you for response. it’s a little complicate for me. cause i don’t have any idea how scrolling event intract with scene and … i’m really like needle and specialy needle website and It is very cool. i run the sample and open it in my browser but i can’t find any document about how brower scroll can interact with scene and …

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This is how you can control a unity timeline with scrolling for example needle-engine-samples/package/Runtime/Scrollytelling/Needle.Samples.Scrollytelling~/ScrollTimeline_2.ts at main · needle-tools/needle-engine-samples · GitHub

Ahaaa ! so it’s all controll with js ! it’s so good

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how load scene by scene ? in needle website, when we scroll down, then the new scene load, how it’s work ?

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and another question, is it needle good for creating game ? or big project ? sorry for much question. i just excited about needle

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Yes all code is written in typescript

Thats a sample, a better version of this is in the core engine (just add a scenes switcher component to any unity gameobject, you can inspect the source by clicking the blue link at the top of the component)

So far as I understand 1- i should create my scene 2- export as html 3- add my website html like header or footer …

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right ?

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We have template projects using vite or vuejs. You can use any framework you like tho

Checkout this video maybe if you havent already:

Ok thank you alot !

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is it good for creating game ? i want to create game for web, and I wanted to make it with unity

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Checkout Discord

Or (not a full game but it will be a sample)

There is also a platformer sample: Needle Engine Samples

Not sure what type of game you want to make :wink: