Is it possible to make a 2D-Game with the Engine and play it in the browser?

I thought about making a 2D-Jump&Run and for a while now I`ve wanted to test the Needle Engine, so why not combine? Maybe a quick answer here would be nice if it is possible in general :smile:

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Yes it is. We dont have many examples yet but you can use the SpriteRenderer component and animate the sprites too :slightly_smiling_face:

All you would need to do is use a perspective camera with a very low field of view and locking the rotation on x and y :slightly_smiling_face:

We dont have 2d collider shapes implemented at the moment but you should be able to just use the 3d colliders as well for some physics (the rigidbody rotations can be locked too)

@Gilbert you can also add a samples request here: needle-tools/needle-engine-support ยท Discussions ยท GitHub

Okay Thanks!

by user 330822045594157068