Installing Package on Linux

Operating System: Linux …-ThinkPad-E14-Gen-3 5.19.0-42-generic #43~22.04.1-Ubuntu SMP PREEMPT_DYNAMIC 2 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

Error: Assertion failed
UnityEngine.GUIUtility:ProcessEvent (int,intptr,bool&) (at /home/bokken/build/output/unity/unity/Modules/IMGUI/GUIUtility.cs:189)

Description: when i drag the needle engine unitypackage into unity, this error appears in the console and the import never starts. Anyone else got this problem, and managed to resolve it?

Edit: Unity version 2021.3.25f1

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Hi you have to drag it into the ProjectWindow or double click to open

The error is just something from Unity, we have nothing to do with that ^^

especially if the package is not even installed :slightly_smiling_face:

Changed the channel name: Installing Package on Linux

Also if some error like this happens, often focussing out of Unity and focussing back will simply continue the import. It’s a sporadic error in some UNity versions, I’ve seen that too, but unrelated to Needle Engine as Marcel mentioned