How to trigger a state in animator from anystate?

Hey. I’m new to needle tools but thrilled to gain more experience, after testing your samples.

Currently, I do have a problem with triggering animation states. I use the triggers Explode and Assemble to go from AnyState to the corresponding states. This works fine, as long as I’m in the native Unity environment. But the needle-exported web-version doesn’t work, no explosion or assembling occurs.

Here are my animator states:

I use a simple UI-Button to set the triggers Animator.SetTrigger

If I use another button to call the animator-states directly via your Everywhere Actions/PlayAnimationOnClick component, it is possible to start the animations. Only now, the Animator.SetTrigger variant (as described above) works.

What am I missing?

Thanks for your help in advance!

Hello, can you share a live link to this web project where the animation is not triggered? Can you show what you entered in “SetTrigger” in the Unity button?

Here is the sandbox project. Nothing fancy. By clicking the grey quad-mesh button, SetTrigger(“Explode”) should work, but doesn’t.

Needle Sandbox_Medbot (

and how does your animatorcontroller look like?

Thanks for the bugreport - we’ll look into it!

Hello @LeFx_Till there was a bug in the animator controller caused by multiple layers in the animatorcontroller. Currently we only support one layer. This will be fixed in the next version.

Another difference to unity is in how the Done state is handled where the animation resets. We’ll also look into that

Hello @LeFx_Till it has been fixed on a branch. After some more testing it will be merged and hopefully released with the next update.

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Hello @LeFx_Till the fix just landed in 3.37.9