How to make imported meshes have cast shadows off via their material properties?

Using UnityGLTF and GLTFast neither of them bring in properties for cast shadows on/off from Blender via GLTF export.
Is there any way to sort this on models exported from Blender?

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There’s no control for shadows in glTF by default (or any other file format that I’m aware of, for that matter). We’re thinking about merging these workflows by basically allowing you to export glTF + Needle extensions from Blender or Unity and import on the other side or elsewhere, but no ETA for that yet

That would be ace as I am making a workflow process for projects and hitting things like no way to define if shadows should be off then what if I get sent a new model and it overwrites properties in Unity or the model changes a lot

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That limitation has always been there and is a key limitation of almost all 3D workflows :slightly_smiling_face:
We’ll get there in terms of tackling it and make the realtime industry better :smile:

Absolutely revolutionising my workflows every time there is a new Needle update already, love to hear it!

by user 103054507105067008