Extracting Materials detaches Textures

I tried to load in a model from Blender to Unity. When I select the model and press, extract materials, new materials are getting created and then automatically converted into a UnityGLTF Shader. The new materials have no linked textures anymore. I can manually set the material back to standard and the textures are there again, even if I switch back to UnityGLTF afterwards. With one material I can do it manually, but for many materials that’s not a solution.

It seems there is a hook coming from UnityGLTF that converts a new material, but why is the texture connection lost?

Using Blender 3.4 and Unity 21.3

Best regards, Lorenz

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Hi Lorenz, sorry about that, it’s a bug that will be fixed in the next update later today

Can you try updating to Needle Engine 3.2.1-exp in Unity ?