How to identify which Needle engine version a build used?

Same as title, I have a Quick Look issue on the latest Needle that means I need to use an older Needle version used on a build months ago but I can’t fathom out which version was used

Is there an easy way to find out which Needle version was used on an exported dist or a live webpage?

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Hey :wave: there are two direct ways

Option A: __NEEDLE_ENGINE_GENERATOR__ write this into the browser console which outputs: 'Unity 2022.3.9f1, Needle Engine Integration @3.24.0'

Option B: There’s meta tag in the html <meta name="generator" content="Unity 2022.3.9f1, Needle Engine Integration @3.24.0">

Alternatively, since the version is exposed this way since a certain version, you mind want to check the date of the build against the changelog / version log of the engine package.

Thanks so much

by user 103054507105067008

Note that this is the exporter version. Needle engine version is available with the same way tho defined globally. Its also available on the Context class (in a static getter i think)

You can also check the header html meta attribute (if it was built with a somewhat recent version) and also the needle-engine element itself contains the info in an attribute (also visible in the browser on the html element)

So you have 3 options (at least with the latest versions)