How to destroy an added component?

For example I’m grabbing a Drag Controls component that gets added by Drop Listener and want to remove it

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either this.destroy() on the component (or theComponent.destroy()) or GameObject.destroy(theComponent)

If its networked use GameObject.destroySynced(...)

I tried this, it reports that console.log but the drag component still works in the scene

        if( != null)
        //remove drag component
        if (

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Ok that sounds like a bug - I’ll try in a minute

Any chance there is another DragControls component in the scene? When I destroy it here it stops working as expected

(tried destroying before awake, in awake, in start and onEndDrag and those all worked as expected :thinking: )

Ill try with the droplistener

Oh hey looking at your code: you need to call

Currently you destroy whatever component is running this code

aha, I’ll try that

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That works

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