How do I get Join Leave JoinedRoom LeftRoom events?

I am listening for and receiving UserJoinedRoom and UserLeftRoom events but I can’t seem to get the Join/Leave or JoinedRoom/LeftRoom events.

Below is the code I am using:

private userJoined(_: UserJoinedOrLeftRoomModel)  {
        console.log("User joined: " + _.userId);

    private userLeft(_: UserJoinedOrLeftRoomModel)  {
        console.log("User left: " + _.userId);

    private joinedRoom(_: JoinedRoomResponse): void {
        console.log("Entered Room: " +;

    private leftRoom(_: LeftRoomResponse): void {
        console.log("Left room: " +;

    awake(): void {

        const conn: NetworkConnection = this.context.connection;

        this.context.connection.beginListen(RoomEvents.JoinedRoom, this.joinedRoom.bind(this));
        this.context.connection.beginListen(RoomEvents.LeftRoom, this.leftRoom.bind(this));
        this.context.connection.beginListen(RoomEvents.Join, this.joinedRoom.bind(this));
        this.context.connection.beginListen(RoomEvents.Leave, this.leftRoom.bind(this));
        this.context.connection.beginListen(RoomEvents.UserJoinedRoom, this.userJoined.bind(this));
        this.context.connection.beginListen(RoomEvents.UserLeftRoom, this.userLeft.bind(this));        

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Join and Leave events are events that are sent to the server.
Joined and Left Room events are used for own connection to a room.

I’m not getting either of them but i am getting the user enter/leave events… I would like to get all of them

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If I remove the argument from my function I get the Joined Room event… I want to get access to the event data in JoinedRoomResponse

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after the event is fired the data is available via this.context.connection

ok… I will look in the connection directly instead of trying to use the JoinjedRoomResponse

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should i do the same with the userJoined and userLEft events… ignore the UwserJoinedOrLeftRoomModel ?

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No that’s available via the event. Sorry for the inconsistency there.

You could also query this.context.connection.usersInRoom() method of course too

basically what i want to do is determine if the instance joining a ro9om is the first person in the room… and then monitor who is coming and going and restrict some things to the person who first create the room

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that might be better handled by learning how the ownership stuff works

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Yes I think so. Maybe using the OwnershipModel helps there (it’s exported from engine_networking.ts) - that’s what Avatars or SyncedTransform components use

I am getting this as the room name : GlitchTemplatewild_dog_434 - not sure if the GlitchTemplate at the beginning is a bug or not… this is coming from this.context.connection.currentRoomName

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No that’s intentional - it’s so that multiple different deployed scenes/projects can share one backend without having to worry that they accidentally share state

you can set the prefix here