How can I tell if my session is the one that created a room?

I want to be able to have asymmetric experiences where the person who created the room has different powers than other people they invite to the room.

Is there an easy way to do that?

I am currently looking at the network manager callbacks and assuming if the users in room is exactly 1 when i connect that’s you’re the creator but it doesn’t feel completely right. That could happen when you initially connect but before it gets an update to tell you there were already three other people there.

It would be cool if RoomEvents included a CreatedRoom callback to let you know.

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I dont think there is a good way to do it right now - What if the room is created by user 0 and that user then disconnects? or what if you come back to the room later and want to continue with the previously stored state?

I bet the user id changes as well if someone comes back later on

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Yes, the user id is assigned on connection by the server