How should approach creating Multiplayer room?

How should approach creating Multiplayer room and I there any documentation reference where i can refer to. I have seen the multiplayer based Sample scene but I need more customization and control over it.

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Have you looked at the Collaborative Sandbox template? It contains all the necessary components. Docs are here:

What kind of customization / control would you need @TNTCF4 ?

I want to control users inside the room and also control to allow permissions such as screen sharing and Mic Access while in the game.

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What do you mean by “control users inside the room” - do you mean which user is even allowed to join and so on?


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Like Joining using passkeys, and not allowing users after certain no of users and things like that

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how can we force users to join a specific room and how to create room via scripts please share some resources for that

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You can use this.context.connection.joinRoom and the respective methods on the connection object to manage which room a user joins. Thats basically what SyncedRoom does but you can manage it yourself in your own component too

When you enter a room name that doesnt exist yet the server will create it for you

With that you can e.g. force users to join a lobby for example that is networked and then use networking events to allow users to create new rooms and join them and you can control which room is visible to which user