How do I add third person character to my scene and give controls

I’ve tried using the sample scene that needle provided for 3rd person view but its not working properly in a closed environment. I’m not able to see the character itself. I tried using the same character in my scene but I’m just floating the character falls down even though there is collider. Please help me with this

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Hello :wave: Do you have any errors / warns in the console?

The falling character is definitely wrong. Can you screenshot the collider it should collide with please?

For the camera to move with the character, the sample has the SmoothFollow component on the main camera.

Hi, thank you for the response actually character falling issue has been solved… It was just mesh issue

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The issue now is I added a new character and new animator, the entry state animation (Idle) is working but walk aniamtion is not playing

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You might be missing Parameters for the transitions.

So, if you haven’t done that, you might want to add them to your animator as well. The CharacterControllerInput is setting them by name, so make sure to name them exactly the same and of the same type.


And then you can use them as conditions for a transition. Just select the white arrow and add the condition when to jump into the new state. Use the sample’s Animator as a reference :+1:

Also, to help your workflow, you can rename the nodes, so it is simpler to work with. Also you should be able to rename the animation name in the model import.

I did add the parameter… When I check it the player goes into idle pose but nothing else (like when I press movement keys the player still is in idle pose and moving). Do you have any idea why that happens. I used the sample scene as reference and did it fully

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1. make sure the script is setting the correct animator (Drag and drop the gameobject that your animator component is on)


2. Make sure that you have set the condition on the transitions:

3. Make sure the animations are valid


If the preview doesn’t work that would probably mean the animations themselves are incorrect OR the blending is incorrect OR the state has the incorrect animation (?)
If it does, then the conditions or exact names are “wrong”.

4. Lastly, can you please show the runtime console if there aren’t any errors or warns?