Group object is missing property matrixWorldAutoUpdate

Hi, after updating to the latest version (2.51.0-pre), I’m no longer able to add a Group object to the scene. I’m pretty sure it worked before :sweat_smile:

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Is this maybe also related to the types package update? :thinking:

Not sure, afaik Group extends Object3D and should inherit matrixWorldAutoUpdate :thinking:

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But yes, I think you’re right, this may be related to the types package. At least in the Object3D type description, there is no property with matrixWorldAutoUpdate.

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Mh how can this happen?

Can you try downgrading in the engine package to maybe “@types/three”: “^0.145.0” ?

seems my types package didn’t get upgraded :thinking:

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i’ll setup a fresh project, check and post back here

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see my message here: Discord

Is that maybe because your local project installs an old types version?

I updated both to 146 and that works fine

let me give it another try then ^^

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build runs fine too without any errors :slightly_smiling_face: (trying with the sandbox template and a little bit of custom code in scripts)

i’ve set up a completely fresh project and the types are on 134 Oo

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changing it to 146 resolved the error, thx :slightly_smiling_face:

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@ROBYER1 could you try that too?

(checking your project package.json and update the @types package to 146 ?)

I get this on production builds now after doing that: @marcel :cactus:

../../Library/PackageCache/com.needle.engine@2.51.0-pre/package~/node_modules/@types/three/examples/jsm/webxr/OculusHandPointerModel.d.ts(10,5): error TS2724: '"../../../src/Three"' has no exported member named 'SphereBufferGeometry'. Did you mean 'BufferGeometry'?

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now add the skipLibCheck to the tsconfig

That’s an error in the types, made a PR yesterday which got merged but not live yet