Editor Sync stopped working

Not sure when the editor syncing stopped working but I think it happened after I updated the Needle Engine package. Have tried re-installs, soft restarts etc. Any advice on this?
Unity 2022.3.9
Needle Engine 3.31.0

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@Snorulf do you have compression in the exportinfo component enabled? Can you try disabling it ?

When the glb gets compressed the editor sync extension gets removed - which contaisn the data necessary for syncing to unity (but only for unity which is why it gets removed) - so you can not have compression (for local dev) + editor sync enabled at the same time.

I’ll make a task to make it more clear in Unity that this is the case

@Snorulf it’s actually been two issues

  • disable AutoCompress in ExportInfo
  • I’ll make an update to the EditorSync package to 2.0.3 (it should auto update when you do a clean install, will be published in a few minutes)

Ok thanks.
Disabled AutoCompress but that didn’t help. Will try with an updated the sync package and get back to you tomorrow.

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yes, both changes need to be applied (the update as well as disabled autocompression)

Did a clean install but EditorSync is still on 2.0.1-beta.
Do I need to update Needle Engine as well to get the 2.0.3 version? Engine is still on 3.31.0 and it looks like all the versions after that are experimental.

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Please update to 3.31.1 Discord

Great, I could not find it in the package manger

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Oh ? Let me check.

Sorry seems like there was an error during publish and I missed it - will publish it right away

It should show up now (Needle: Package Registry)

Works now :tada:
Thanks @marcel :cactus: :star:

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