Editor Sync: Unstable sync / Flipped x-axis

Hi @marcel :cactus: , I have some problems using Editor Sync – which is such a great feature btw!

  1. I’m pretty sure yesterday it sometime worked to sync changes in Unity’s scene view to the browser. Like dragging around an object and it followed in the browser. Did I just dream that up or should it generally work? :slightly_smiling_face: I tried to restart unity, vite and the browser to no avail.

  2. Now when I move an object around via inspector the sync works instantly BUT the x-axis is flipped. If I reload the browser, the object appears on the correct x-position though so this is just a ES-problem.

  3. Changing the position works using the inspector as stated above, but e.g. rotation and scale aren’t synced the same way. Should those work too?

  4. Generally the sync seems a bit flaky: Sometimes I can change a material’s color, sometimes I can’t. Maybe there is something else going wrong but I do not see any error messages.

I’m using Unity 2022.3.0, Exporter/Engine 3.6.9

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Hey, sorry for missing this.

Generally Unity 2022.3 is not as well tested right now but things “should work” (with Editor Sync still being experimental but definitely useful and used here too)

  1. Yes, that is what Editor Sync is designed for!
  2. That would be a bug and could be 2022.x specific, would you mind trying in 2021.x?
  3. Same as (2)
  4. When something can’t be synced there should be a balloon message in the browser saying something like “Target for EditorSync not found” - which means that we can’t “map back” from the editor object to the runtime object; typically that happens when you duplicate assets at runtime and so on

My fault for tagging marcel directly I guess :wink:

I tested with 2021.3 again and most of it seems to work. Seems 2022 surprisingly breaks a lot of plugins, so it’s not only yours.

X-Axis is still kind of flipped though when editing via inspector: The object is jumping between both positions.

by user 395602247196737546

Thanks for testing, that’s strange. Could you open an issue for it please? One for 2022 specific and one for the x-axis flip if possible, with some repro steps