Does needle engine support unity drop downs?


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does needle engine support unity drop downs?

by user 841751666960760944

Hello Abdullah! How can I assist you with your development work today? If you have questions about Needle Engine or any technical issues you’re facing, feel free to ask. To provide you with the best assistance, please try to be as specific as possible about your query.

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Needle Engine doesn’t have a specific “drop-down” component like Unity does, but you can create similar functionality by using HTML select elements and handling their interactions in your scripts. Needle Engine primarily focuses on providing access to three.js functionality and does not replicate Unity’s UI components directly. If you have specific requirements for a drop-down menu, I can help you figure out how to implement it using regular HTML and JavaScript in conjunction with Needle Engine components.

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So I can’t use unity’s dropdown component for my 3d website?

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That’s right - we don’t support Dropdowns right now ourselves but you can implement the functionality in your own code (you can look at the Needle Engine components as a reference)


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