Custom Needle Engine path in Settings get overwritten


everytime I export, the Needle Engine Path in Settings gets overwritten with its default value Library/PackageCache/com.needle.engine@2.58.1-pre/package~ which makes it a bit exhausting to use custom packages :slightly_smiling_face:

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Have you tried changing the path in your package.json instead? I think it shouldnt override that path if it exists

(maybe thats also the case for the setting in unity but im not so sure. Are you sure the path exists/is correct when you enter it? You can context click the label for engine and three in settings to pick a path too i think)

If the above suggestions dont help another temporary workaround would be to embed the unity package and replace the content in the hidden package~ folder inside with your custom version (embedding would be: move the folder from Library/PackageCache/com.needle.engine@... to Packages/com.needle.engine@...)

It gets overwritten, I had to change it manually. The issue rahter is that with our integration we need a different folder location. For us we need ../vendor/needle-engine in the package.json

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It’s not much of a big deal, since we only need that for everytime we integrate it back in our project. So the Unity workflow isnt disrupted, but would be nice for the next release

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It = package.json

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Whats in that folder?

I think thats something one of the next updates will make easier/possible with the addition of a per project config file.

Thats necessary for integrations like this:

Ah i see so the engine runtime package is in vendor/... ?


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Since we have two repos in parallel the symlink obviously wont work on build pipelines

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Ah ok, i see! In that case something like an installation from npm wouldnt work as well right?

you mean from a package repo? like npmjs?

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We’d need to set up our own package repo then, since we still need to make custom adjustments to your codebase. So going with the vendor/ approach is most straightforward for us, at least atm

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As said, it’s more a convenience thing. For the time being it’s fine to change the package.json manually before integrating

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