Can videos be transcoded on export? Currently they aren't

Tried setting to half res, exported .mp4 is full res

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Thats currently not supported

Could the Needle import settings have a warning about that if possible :slightly_smiling_face: Just going to make the source file smaller for now, thanks

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I dont think those import settings can be overriden right now unfortunately :frowning_with_open_mouth:

but I need to check

I’ll make a note about it

I think there should be a way to have these kinds of processing steps on vite as part of bundling, but not sure. The proprietary formats that Unity produces as platform artifacts are probably not of much use even if we can get them out of that

There surely is a way :sweat_smile:

@ROBYER1 if you end up experimenting with bundling/compressing mp4s through vite let us know what you find! Even if not integrated it’s nice to have that as reference

Will see what I can do!

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That would be fantastic!

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