Build error and don't know why, tell me why (ain't nothing but a heartache)

Hi suddenly I keep having a build error but there is no more information in Unity Editor. In the terminal console I have this error (which wasn’t there before):
[vite] Internal server error Cannot find module ..\ProyectName\node_modules\vite\dist\node\chunks\dep-93197d47.js' imported from ..\ProyectName\node_modules\vite\dist\node\chunks\dep-e8f070e8.js
The vite error appears when I play, not in the build. The error in the image just appears when I build

I have done the Glitch process to deploy, just not working right know. When I hit play it works fine.

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Can you try holding alt and press on install to to a clean install? This looks like a vite caching issue and may go away with that.

That works, thanks herbst :slightly_smiling_face:

by user 632418299711324161

Great - thanks for confirming! Let me know if you happen to run into it again, if that happens regularly we should investigate it deeper.