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Is there a package manager for blender 4.0?
The installer says its only for 3.6? Is there going to be an installer for blender 4.0 soon? Thanks!

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Hello MotionMitchell,

Needle Engine provides an npm package that can be used in conjunction with Blender to export scenes to the Needle Engine web format. As of my latest update, there is no specific information available about an installer for Blender 4.0.

If there’s an installer that’s currently only available for Blender 3.6, it’s likely that the Needle Engine team is working to ensure compatibility with newer versions of Blender. It’s common practice for tool developers to test and update their software to work with new major releases of dependent software like Blender.

For the most accurate and up-to-date information on compatibility with Blender 4.0 or on the availability of a new installer, I recommend checking the official Needle Engine documentation or reaching out to the Needle Engine support team directly.

Remember to keep an eye on Needle Engine’s official release notes or announcements for updates regarding support for Blender 4.0.

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Thanks for your feedback!

Hey, the Blender add-on supports 4.0+ already, it’s the same plugin for all versions.
Where did you find 3.6 only? Happy to update that!

Ah, I see, in the Blender setup steps it doesn’t mention 4.x yet.
Here’s the installer:

Thanks!! @herbst🌵

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