Blender add-on?

Needle’s website mentions that there is Blender support. Wondering where I can read further into that.

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Marcel added you to the channel, it’s on-request currently. Looking forward to your feedback!

Hello, I’m testing the Needle Addon 0.12.1 on Blender 3.1.0. I’m debugging with vscode to understand what’s happening under the hood. Where can I report my issues/finding?

Are you gonna to opensource the Blender Addon?

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Hello @robesantoro can you post findings/issues/ideas in #:speak_no_evil:-blender-alpha ?

Ok thanks!

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@herbst🌵 @marcel :cactus: can yoou add me to the blender alpha channel please?

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Could you add me too please? @marcel :cactus: @herbst​:cactus:

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will do in a minute after making another update

I’d also love to get in on the blender alpha if possible.

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@herbst🌵 @marcel :cactus: hi! I would like to test the blender add-on. Can you pls add me to the channel?

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Done :white_check_mark:

Please give feedback :slightly_smiling_face:

thanks! I will

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@herbst🌵 @marcel :cactus: Hi! I would love to access the blender add-on for testing and to give feedback. Can I please be added to the channel for that?

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@herbst🌵 @marcel :cactus: I do VFX work for First Robotics Team 573, can i be added to the blender channel? Thanks. This is a game changer compared to Aero, as it only supports iOS

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@herbst🌵 @marcel :cactus: can you add me to the blender alpha channel please?

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If they do that nobody will be able to see you!

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@herbst🌵 @marcel :cactus: me too

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Hey, would like to test your blender add-on!

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