Presenting Needle Engine for Blender at LA.Blend Meeting Celebrating Blender 3.5, Sat, Apr 1?

I鈥檓 thinking of presenting Needle Engine for Blender at next month鈥檚 LA.Blend Meeting in Los Angeles for you.

Would that be helpful to you?

It鈥檚 at Sat, Apr 1 路 10:30 AM PDT

Do you think it has progressed far enough along to showcase?

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That would be very cool and helpful yes!

A showcase would be great! Currently we still mainly support windows (but we started fixing issues that come up on linux / OSX too)

Have you tried the addon yet?

I鈥檝e not tried it in Blender yet. But based on your work with Unity, I expect good things. Windows is fine for me. I鈥檒l let them know about the other OS.

by user 581381221087445033