Behaviour of DragControls in AR scenarios - horizontal movement

So I edited DragControls.ts to quickly test a purely horizontal drag (by setting wp.y = 0 in onUpdateWorldPosition). On desktop this works great, model can’t be dragged vertical, but in AR on Android Chrome the model seems to move with the phone when I drag it around. See clip

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With dragcontrols it behaves in AR same as with using VR with WebXR controllers - it attaches to the controller

and in AR a touch is a controller with selection events

It is a cool behaviour I think, one I might make optional for AR as I think that I could use that as a drag feature but I’m going to add a default horizontal only movement. I’ll have a closer look at the code in that case!

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You could disable the drag controlls when entering AR maybe and add your own touch logic using screenspace events

I’m making a customised version of the script but it took me a while to figure out what’s going on in the script

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you can still use the normal browser touchstart etc events

I’ll share back what I make for samples for AR I think!

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Ok - not sure if that’s easier than creating a new one to be honest

If i understand correctly you just need to detect “touchstart” and the respective events + perform a raycast to check if you hit your object and then apply your gesture code to that model

Only because I like the behaviour of yours but I know most of the time when I do AR I need horizontal drags

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just for AR

horizontal drag only?

on a plane only?

Yeah just to move an AR project around on a plane, I’ll follow your advice and do a fresh one

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Maybe @Adoran can share his version here - if I remember correctly he did something similar (horizontal drag + raycasting onto underlaying terrain) for a project :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hopefully others can share so I can help!

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Was just reading when you deleted the message ^^