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What does the AR scale do exactly? I want 1:1 scale for AR to preview objects, I assume the default AR Scale 10 shrinks things by 10x?

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With AR scale of 10 you as the user will be scaled by 10

I see

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We made it like this mainly so we can get the expected appearance in networked scenarios by default (e.g. when your world is small you should appear big for other users in the same world) without having to change anything else (it just works which is great)

We could set the default to 1 though I think, what do you think @marcel :cactus: ?

Maybe yes

Ah the default is 1 in the component but seems to be set in the templates

Which is fine for the sandbox - minimal should be 1 yes

Yeah my bad for copying the samples but that’s something I do a lot in a hurry :sweat_smile:

by user 103054507105067008

No worries