Animating element whose scale is zero will cause the build crash

I noticed that on the animation track, if we add an animation clip where it makes the element scale down to 0, the build will crash. Appreciate your time and help!

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Hello Tianxu, it looks like you’ve encountered a specific issue related to an animation clip scaling an element down to a scale of 0 causing a crash. This isn’t described directly in the documentation.

To assist with this issue, I would recommend checking the following:

  1. Ensure the animation clip is properly configured and does not include any unintended values or keyframes.
  2. Verify that the object being scaled down does not have any dependencies or constraints that might conflict with the scaling operation.
  3. Make sure there is no code or other animations that might interfere with the scaling-down clip.
  4. Look out for reported issues in the changelogs or support forums that might be related to this problem.

For further assistance, I would need more detailed information about the crash, including any console logs or error messages, to provide a more precise solution. Consider reaching out to the support channel or forums where you might find additional help for such a specific issue.

If you have any further information or another question, please let me know.

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Hi, what exactly crashes or errors at runtime? Do you have an error? Or do you get an error during export in unity?

And does the cube have any children or parent objects in the hierarchy or is it just the standard cube?

Does it also happen on a clip without the blending?

saw an error “MISSING Model…” earlier and the error’s gone for some reason…

by user 1052295380936691712

it still happens without the blending, once it hits the first frame of that animation clip, it crashes

by user 1052295380936691712

it happens whenever it has a parent or not

by user 1052295380936691712

Do you have an error message at runtime? It might be related to divisions by zero. If you scale to 0.0001 it works fine I assume?

I didn’t see any error message between loading completion and when it crashed

by user 1052295380936691712

yeahh scaling to 0.0001 works!!

by user 1052295380936691712

I wonder if there’s any chance to get this fixed

by user 1052295380936691712

thank YOU!

by user 1052295380936691712

The issue doesnt reproduce easily (scaling a cube in an animation to 0 doesnt crash the runtime) - I think I need more information about your setup