Alternatives to SvelteKit for quick loading between scenes?

The Sveltekit sample has a great example of an instant load between scenes due to keeping the engine instance loaded (or so I understand), are there any alternatives to this or anything like it for regular website builds?

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Yes, you can simply set the ā€œsrcā€ attribute of needle-engine to another source to load an entirely different thing, which is what our Sveltekit sample effectively does too here ā€“ is part of the layout and only the src is page specific

Iā€™ll investigate the sample to see how I can do that myself on a regular html or React site

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I shall look into the scene switcher example as it seems to do what I need for speedy loads in the same instance

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Yes, that works too if you have all the files in the same export :slightly_smiling_face:

My above ā€žsrcā€œ recommendation is especially relevant for switching between arbitrary root glbs

E.g. does that

I will have the files in the same export for sure

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We also have a demo on stackblitz which can be used for testing in the browser which does that Needle Engine - Switching glTF Files - StackBlitz