3rd party BaaS intergrations

Another question of a Needle newbie.
What are the easiest ways to intergrade 3rd part BaaS services to manage things like game player, economy, live ops, etc.
I’ve been exlporing Unity’s UGS but i don’t suppose it’s supported with Needle easily, is it?
otherwise if not - how easy it is to implement Firebase - and if so, are there any links to tutorials (preferably video ones) or sample scenes/projects that I can use to base some code for a prototype with?

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Unity’s UGS means Unity’s game services? We dont support those, no.

I dont have a tutorial from the top of my head, perhaps https://www.youtube.com/@Fireship/videos has some videos about it?

In general I started adding more documentation about how to manage and install third party packages and dependencies for newbies here: Scripting Introduction | Needle Engine Documentation perhaps that helps you in getting started

I’ll take a look , hopefully it’s not too complicated for a Unity dev that havn’t done any web dev in the past decade.

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Maybe a video tutorial going over that page would be good

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