Why would a camera-based three.js effect jitter in Needle only?

Using Water.js from three/examples/jsm/objects/Water.js, the reflections in the water seem to jitter around before stabilising when the camera is moved in Needle.
See in the gif the left side is needle and the right side is three.js https://threejs.org/examples/webgl_shaders_ocean.html

I have attached a minimal project for this, wondering if there is something Needle specific causing this?


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@herbst🌵 I wondered if you noticed this with any other three.js effects? I realise I’m pulling other parts of three.js into Needle here from the three.js samples but I’m trying to test out anything from the examples as I do R&D for things

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Hey, wasn’t able to look into this yet -
Haven’t seen this issue before (and we have been using PostFX for some projects too)
Might be specific to that sample
It does look like a typical camera update event ordering issue

Will probably need to look into what the Water pass actually does / where it attaches to

Now you mention that, I will try doing a rebuild later with orbit controls script disabled and see if moving the camera via animation causes the same effect

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