Why the camera captures exactly the legs, regardless of the model?

here is an example of what i want to do Discord

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With the setup you have here you’ll have two components that try to write the position of the object:

  • SmoothFollow: interpolates the GameObject you put it on to the Target object that you assign
  • OrbitControls: does take the camera object that you put it on and makes it controllable by mouse and touch input.

If you want to combine the two then try putting the camera in a parent and add the SmoothFollow to the parent (and remove it from the camera)

- Camera Parent (SmoothFollow)
    - Camera (Camera, OrbitControls)

Is there any way I can change this in the code?
Create your own script and work with the camera.

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Yes sure, you can create custom components: Needle Engine Scripting | Needle Engine Documentation

Because the lookat constraint is set to this object (I guess in Constraint Settings it’s also set to “Lock” ?)

But is there an example of working with the camera when using scripting?

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you can open and look at the code here for example:

yeah ((

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Where can I find such a prototype?

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and I can write a script under Three.Js, and then process it. I was told that needle - tools is Three.Js, but with convenient abstractions. That is, I can’t write like normal Three.Js using typescript ?

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What do you mean by “I cant write like normal three.js using typescript” ? You can do exactly that still

A controller like that will be part of the core components eventually. It’s not released yet.

Here’s a minimal example using move to click: Needle Engine - Move Camera onClick - StackBlitz

that is, I can write tasks as I usually write in Three.js ?

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You can

When you use components then this.gameObject is just your three.js Object3D (or mesh or…)

Maybe this helps you: Scripting Introduction | Needle Engine Documentation


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I guess you’re more familiar with three.js then? :slightly_smiling_face:

I am an unity developer😅

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can you give me a test controller? I want to poke

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