What's the best way to implement character movement?

So the question is simple, I’m trying to create a 3rd person character movement that camera follow player orientation. I tried with character controller and making it manually. What’s your opinion or how can I improve it?

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Hey, any more info on what’s not working / what you’d like to improve? We have a couple samples for custom character movement (third person, first person, sidescroller, …) :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m working on a minigame which needs a third person character controller, I did the movement, jump and also the camera look at player. I tried with character controller and character controller input

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Understood - so what’s not working / how would you like to improve it?

I’m working on the camera follow and movement sensation, I would like to make it more soft and easy to manage

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Did you try the Smooth Follow component?

Should it be attached with the char controller component?:thinking:

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You attach it to the object that you want to follow and then assign it the object to follow