What is the best way to add new npm packages?

If I want to add a new package via npm, what is the best place to issue the command from?

For example… I open the VSCode workspace and use the menu to open a new terminal and it offers me two paths to open… one in the main project and one in the node modules folder.

I am going to do ‘npm install new-package’ from there, but should I be doing something entirely different like adding the package name to one of the config files instead of manually using the npm install command.

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Yes, the main path is right, the engine package is just in the workspace for convenient code search.

We’re not doing anything fancy there, so you can either

  • do npm install --save new-package or
  • add it to package.json manually
    result is the same :slightly_smiling_face:

If you’re working in NpmDefs and want to access an extra package from there, it’s the same – NpmDefs are just packages themselves.

  • double-click the NpmDef to open its workspace
  • do npm install --save new-package or
  • add it to package.json manually

Here’s an example from our samples (the @lookingglass/webxr dependency)

I had an error occur once when i did the --save but i will try again and pay more attention if something doesn’t work right. In any case I can do the install without the --save and then add it package.json manually

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Sounds good - let me know if you have a log of that error. I also usually install things via command line but with --save

I had no problems using vite plugin mkcert via the add to package.json then using the install button from the Export Info component. But I am now trying the same with depthkit.js so I added "depthkit": "^1.0.0", to package.json, used install button, can see it in the node modules folder but in VS Code I want to import it into a ts script like import Depthkit from "depthkit"; and it doesn’t register it when I use some sample code like:

import { Behaviour, GameObject } from "@needle-tools/engine/engine-components/Component";
import * as THREE from "three";
import Depthkit from "depthkit";

export class DepthKitExample extends Behaviour {

    var depthkit = new DepthKit();
    character => {


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oof, might have needed to do this import Depthkit from "depthkit/src/depthkit.js";, I think I was relying on VS Code autofill finding scripts in the past but it didn’t for this one

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Although shortly after that, on local server run I get this error when using this .ts script in the scene, why does the path of the npm module change so much in the build? I assume it is looking for it at import Depthkit from "depthkit/src/depthkit"; when it is probably at import Depthkit from "node_modules/.vite/deps/depthkit_src_depthkit";

GET net::ERR_ABORTED 504 (Gateway Timeout)


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I also get the below error after running in VS Code terminal manually npm install --save depthkit and changing the import to import Depthkit from "depthkit";

Uncaught SyntaxError: The requested module '/node_modules/.vite/deps/depthkit.js?v=893bd4ef' does not provide an export named 'default' (at DepthKitExample.ts:2:8)

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@marcel :cactus: Is this the way I should reference an npm module?
import { Depthkit } from "depthkit/src/depthkit";

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It depends on the package. Dont know depthkit unfortunately

Juat wondered if I missed anything obvious, is there anything in the samples I can refer to so I can check I am correctly bringing an npm package in?

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if you installed it as Felix described above using npm install etc that’s all correct and the rest is really package specific

I only used a custom npm package before with mkcert which isn’t something I pull in with scripts at runtime. Just wondering if I can see how another custom npm package imports + runs to cross reference why this depthkit package can’t be found in the vite build

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I’ll give it another shot tomorrow, no worries will post my findings back

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Just odd that the package installs and lives in node_modules but it doesn’t pull through into the local server build

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Is it because I put it it devDependencies and not dependencies in package.json?

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If you put it into devDevependencies it will not be available in a production build, that’s pretty much the definition of it

devDependencies are the “editor tooling” of node.js :smile: