VR - How can I lock an object in its movement axes?

In VR, I have the problem that when I want to grab an object and move it, I move it freely in space. That’s not right for my case. I want to move an object only in XZ position. Neither rotate nor move in the Y axis. Do you have a tip?

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Hi, you can create a small script that sets the position/rotation in onBeforeRender to the starting rotation/position on the axis.
Something like this:

export class LockAxis extends Behaviour { 

  private _startPosition? : Vector3;

  start() {
    this._startPosition = this.gameObject.position.clone();
  onBeforeRender() {
      this.gameObject.position.x = this._startPosition!.x;
      this.gameObject.position.z = this._startPosition!.z;

And then add that to the dragged objects


by user 684154017479524352