Visual Scripting Plans

Hi, I was watching this video where Felix does a great job talking about Unity Packages and they brought up Visual Scripting around the 1:11:00 mark - it got me wondering if there are any plans to implement this in Needle in the future? I’ve played around with Bolt and Playmaker in Unity, and Blueprints in Unreal, it would be great for those coming from a similar background and may prove useful for in-game scripting, similar to how scripting works in Horizon Worlds. Thanks.

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Hi, while i wouldn’t rule it out that we add visual scripting support in the future we dont have concrete plans for it at the moment

Agree with Marcel here, no concrete plans at the moment. That being said, we’re watching glXF and the accompanying behave-graph efforts as they may become a relatively standardized way to solve this

Personally I’m not a fan of node graph systems that simply use low-level primitives (e.g. math and logic operators) without actually providing high-level nodes that do something useful

you’ve probably seen this, it’s pretty much what I was looking for. Seems pretty close to what you’re talking about. Verge3D Puzzles — Soft8Soft

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