Using `yarn` instead of `npm` with custom templates

Hello, I created a basic Vue-Storefront project and added a project template asset to its root folder. I installed three js and needle engine as packages in that project. When building the project with the export info component, npm install will be called. However, Vue-Storefront currently does not work with npm. It only works with yarn. Is it possible to do something about that?

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Ah interesting. I think we could add options for that to the needle-config.json. Could you share the template with us maybe?

Sure. VueStorefrontTemplate - Google Drive

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Anything else that is special to run it? Will just run yarn install and try to start now :slightly_smiling_face:

I assume that’s just because I dont have that cms running

and this is how it’s supposed to look without it

What would you suggest as a good way to detect if the project should run npm install or yarn install ?

    1. I see a yarn.lock file but I assume that only exists after the installation
    1. Or should it just be setup explictly in the needle.config.json.
    1. Or should it check the package.json for yarn run calls?
    1. Should it check the package.json scripts for an install script or something like it which then just calls yarn install or something else

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hi @Alapera vers Mocasé can you update to 2.64.0-pre and add a script named install in your package.json template (that then just runs yarn install) ?

Works perfectly, thank you

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Do you think you could share the template once you are done with it? :slightly_smiling_face: