Typescript open link with button issue

I’m having a few issues with applying my typescript code on the onlick unity function to open the link when the unity object is clicked. How should i tackle this

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Hello Abdullah, implementing an onclick function to open a link in Unity using the Needle Engine can be done by using the OpenURL component. Here’s the code structure based on what is documented:

import { OpenURL, OpenURLMode, IPointerClickHandler, PointerEventData } from '@needle-tools/engine';
import { Behaviour } from '@needle-tools/engine';

export class MyClickableObject extends Behaviour implements IPointerClickHandler {
    url: string;

    // Optional: Choose how to open the URL.
    // This is not required and will default to opening in a new tab.
    mode: OpenURLMode = OpenURLMode.NewTab; 

    start(): void {
        // Ensure the component is clickable.
        // If you already have a clickable component on the GameObject, this can be omitted.
        this.getComponent(OpenURL).clickable = true;

    onPointerClick(args: PointerEventData): void {
        // Open the URL that you have set in the url field when the GameObject is clicked.
        const openUrlComponent = this.getComponent(OpenURL);
        openUrlComponent.url = this.url;
        openUrlComponent.mode = this.mode;

Please make sure you have an OpenURL component attached to your GameObject. Remember to replace "@needle-tools/engine" imports with the correct package path that you’re using. Ensure the GameObject is set as clickable and the URL is properly defined to make sure the click triggers the link opening (see the documentation).

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yooo this is insane

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big ups to the needle engine people who made this

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You dont need to write your own component for this: just add the OpenURL component to your object