Typescript compiler errors in my scripts when building - how to fix (TSC)

I got errors when building but these all seems to be just warnings. Is this intentional?

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Yes - I mean you can configure your tsconfig to ignore those but I would recommend you check what the error says (these are typescript compiler errors, they may or may not be bad - depends on your project)

yes, all these variables are set through serialisation from the unity site. So setting them null or undefinied in the script seemed okay for me.

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If you are sure those are OK you can always add @ts-ignore above typescript errors like these in your scripts.

Or in the case of “no initializer” its something like

myVariable : Object3D;

and the error says you should write one of these:

myVariable?:Object3D; // its undefined by default
myVarialbe!:Object3D; // suppress that its not initialized telling the compiler this is always assigned;
myVariable:Object3D|null = null;

and never used can be fixed by starting the variable with an underscore for example :slightly_smiling_face:

e.g. function test(_myString:string) { ....

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hmm, //@ts-ignore works but not very nice code style I guess.
Setting the variables to undefined or null does not help when I want to assign them, e.g.

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cameraAnchor: Object3D = new Object3D() does not work, already tried it.

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what do you mean by “when i want to assign them” ?

if you know the variable is not null then you can write myVariable! : Object3D

otherwise you need to check in your code below that the variable is not undefined. E.g.



if(!this.myVariable) return;


if(this.myVariable === undefined) return;

oh man, okay you’re right. I feel like an amateur :smile:

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All good :slightly_smiling_face: been there :smile:

last question, when I’m using import { Object3D } from "three";
in the script, the compiler also fails with

Error: ‘default’ is not exported by …/…/Library/PackageCache/com.needle.engine@2.59.2-pre/package~/node_modules/three/build/three.module.js, imported by src/scripts/NeedleCameraControl.ts

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Removing the line, hitting the play button works, but production build fails.

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Does it give you a line? Are you using default export ?

the import should be fine

yes, default vite export.

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Havent seen this error before - can you share your script ?