Text animation doesnot work

so on trigger i want the text color to change from 0 to 1 alpha and the color is purple, so if i keep no animation in default state and alpha value to 0 then it will not trigger the state where the animation exists, but if i keep some alpha value initial to the text color then the animation gets trigger but doesnot show the purple color.

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Anything over it?

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Hey, I’m not sure I understand what you’re doing and what’s happening.

If alpha is 1 it plays the animation but the color is wrong and if alpha is 0 the color is correct but the animation doesnt play?

How do you trigger the animation?

  • trigger the animation using spatial trigger
  • the animation is about changing the alpha value of text from 0 to 1
  • at start i don’t want to show any text so i set the alpha to 0
  • when i keep alpha to 0 then the animation doesn’t gets trigger
  • when i keep some alpha value like 0.1 then the animation gets trigger but on increase of alpha value it should show purple color but its shows two differ colors

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Im looking at it :slightly_smiling_face:


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also i think the spatial trigger deactivates an active object by “set active”

but doesnot activate an object that is deactive

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So its not an easy to fix problem unfortunately but has multiple components that have issues

  • Animating single values in color or vector properties is not supported right now. You need at least one key for all 4 values
  • UnityGLTF serializes the rgba values in a wrong order thats why you see the color changing
  • Threejs animation tracks do currently not animate alpha in cases where you animate a color on a component (like in the Text)

so is it possible to do it in a way where i involve all the rgba value in animation? or threejs just doesnot support the alpha?

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I might have a fix - at least it seems to work now in my simple test. Will try it with the text now


is it changing from red to white on its own or you made it do ?

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Its a test animation :slightly_smiling_face: got it working now

how can i do it?

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It will be working in the next update

its not published yet


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and can we use the unity post processing?

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We currently only support setting tonemapping and post exposure using a volume component

Can you try 2.58.2-pre if the text color animation now works?