Slow Performance With 3.4.0-exp.1

Hi… I’ve just updated to the latest version (3.4.0-exp.1 ) .

I’m testing using a collab sandbox scene and have run into a problem whereby the Quick Actions ‘Play’ preview is taking anything up to 2 minutes to load in the browser window (so long, in fact, that I’m repeatedly asked if I want to kill the window or wait). Then, when the preview finally manages to load, the scene is badly unresponsive to user interaction (it’s nearly impossible to use the Orbit Controls and everything is really sluggish and jerky).

A quick check of my computer’s Activity Monitor indicates that whenever I now attempt to run the preview, ‘Google Chrome Helper’ is using over 600% of the CPU :eyes: :grimacing: Which I’m guessing is the cause of the poor performance?

This problem has only manifested itself since I updated to 3.4.0-exp.1 .

Is there something I could or should be doing to help improve matters? Thanks in advance for advice :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m on Mac OS Ventura 13.3.1

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Which version were you using before that ?

The immediately previous one.

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Which nodejs version do you have installed? (you can check by running node --version in the terminal)

Should be the latest as I only updated the other day. Two tics, I’ll double-check…

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node v 16.7.0

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Ok, have you tried restarting Unity after the update if that changes anything?

Ah… I haven’t tried that. I’ll give that a go right now…

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Back in a min…

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Nope, no joy. The same problem still exists since quitting and restarting Unity.

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And 3.3. worked fine?


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Can you try changing the vite.config.js

this line:
needlePlugins(command, needleConfig),

needlePlugins(command, needleConfig, { noReload: true }),

if that makes a change?

I’ll give that a go. Back in a min…

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No substantive improvement unfortunately. I changed vite.config.js as suggested (plus did another quit and restart of Unity) and the preview window loaded a little faster but the scene content was still very unresponsive, and the Activity Monitor still indicates that the window is making Google Chrome Helper use 600+% of the CPU.

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I’m disappearing for a moment as I’m going to give the Mac another reboot in case that helps.

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Back again… okay, so I went the whole hog and rebooted the Mac (unfortunately that didn’t make any difference). So, I uninstalled Unity and rebooted the Mac again, then reinstalled Unity and started a new project (using Needle 3.4.0-exp.1)… and yaaaaaaaaaaaaay it’s all good! :partying_face:

So, I have no idea what that was all about… but it’s all running perfectly now, so I’m taking that win! :grinning:

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wow thanks for doing that. That’s really odd. Let us know if it ever happens again. I’d love to know what happened

Which Unity version are you using?

Haha, I’d love to know too :thought_balloon: :thinking: :sweat_smile: … oh, and I’m using Unity v 2021.3.20f1 Personal

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