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I still don’t fully understand how it works properly. When I set a retroactive event in scene 2 to get to scene 1, scene 2 doesn’t load. But the scene 1 restarted. Retroactive should only trigger when playing backwards, right?

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No retroactive means it starts when the current time is greater (or equal) than the signal time. So a signal at time 0 with retroactive on should always trigger

Product flyover demo. I cannot go back to the previous scene by scrolling back. Is that true?

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It would require a little bit of custom code right now

I can take a look at it later again. I’d like to add something to make that work with signals too (signals that e.g. only trigger when scrolling back, not sure yet)

or the signal at time 0 being an exception.

What you could perhaps also try is starting the timeline at > 0

ok, i will try.

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this works, i set the initial time of the timeline to 5. now I can go backwards. THX

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